Sunday, 24 June 2012

Favorites First

An excited hello !! :)

It sort of feels ecstatic on starting a blog again ! ( Yes I had one before, which underwent injustice in my hands due to lack of drive ) But I am back on the scene.... ready to shake up things, make new friends and reach new levels of awesomeness :)

So Welcome to "Yay! Sunday "  

My whim for the very first post - share myself... come out in the open ! So here are a list of my favorites right now . Whoever is reading this...I would love to know your list :)


It's Called Urban Decontruction by Atelier Olschinsky. Can you not see the top view of buildings and cars running on road ? How amazing !


@ Neemraana Fort Palace ! Yes I was at this beautiful piece of history ! Lived in a fort with friends.... a fort which had captivating night views... saw a whole city from top lit up in a million lights !


She goes by the name Cherry ( named after her eyes ) and she makes me feel the most blessed in the world ! 


Can't get enough of either the audio or the video ! 


Oh Yes! I love Humor and I specially love how people like me who suck at drawing , can now express ideas freely . Love the possibility that this .com created. Why it's such a hit ? I say the world needed a happier perspective :)


Cheese pasta and garlic bread... anytime and my mouth would water and my stomach will growl ! :) 


Sport Luxe ! Even though this is a micro trend I can't stop but lust all over it - Be it runways, magazines or bloggers. And guess what I got myself a version too..! Stay tuned to catch me in my own pair, will share it on Yay! Sunday for sure !

So what are your favorites ? Write in :)

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  1. I had a mouse years ago, her name was Maria i loved her! Nice favourite picture! :)