Sunday, 1 July 2012

All time CREATIVE Fashion Shows

So Sunday is back !
And what is my voracious mind thinking today? Well I am feeling fascinated by larger than life quality of some genius thinkers in fashion. I have to confess at this point that I am a big fan of minimalism but to explain my stand, I think a genius is often the one who either simplifies something so much that makes us go " Oh why I didn't think of that " or someone who beautifies complexity so much that we are only left gaping. Everything in the middle, I feel is just something that receives momentary applause.

Whoops...! Can't keep philosophy out of fashion.... :P

Back to the point, I share below sheer magnificence, much of which you might know already , or If you did not I would be glad to be the one to introduce you to ideas that leave us in awe whether we understand the innermost thoughts behind it or not. Some of them are more than a decade old , but capture my fancy nonetheless.

Starting with my favorite, Hussein Chalayan Autumn Winter/ 2000 After Words. This is the moment in fashion when furniture transformed into clothing , chairs folded up to become suitcases . The concept behind this was how a refugee must feel the need to take everything along , when they infact have to leave just with the clothes on their backs.
Read this line " Chalayan is a designer with the heart of an artist and with the brain of a scientist." <3 it !

Next , on my list is Alexander McQueen's Spring Summer 1999. Yes this was the season when a Shalom Harlow wearing a white trapeze dress of exaggerated proportions, was spray painted in black and neon green by two robots! It was pure art !


Moving eastwards , the fairly recent ( in comparison ) Rohit Bal's Show at Delhi Couture week 2010 , saw the models submerge their all white ensembles into a serene pool. The shots were lovely and I believe the act uplifted the pristine white.

The Fall / Winter 2011-12 show by Chanel  brought a giant iceberg onto the catwalk ! It slowly melted away... Did Lagerfeld intend to bring environmentalism on the runway ?

How could I forget Fendi holding a fashion show on the great wall of China in 2007 ? Again a Lagerfeld brainchild , seems he is a true showman of our times ! It was as picturesque and as historic as it could be !

Finally , would like to mention the "Let there be Light " challenge at Project Runway in 2012. The designers were challenged to create avant garde looks from lights and see how it was interpreted !

I am sure reading the post , a fashion show must have come to your head too, that you feel can be included in the list. Tell me about them in comments below :)


  1. This all feels almost like science fiction! I LOVE it!! :)

  2. Doesn't it ! :) Thanks for visiting Camilla ! I visited your blog..... totally <3 it...

  3. These are SO cool!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

    1. Thank you Niki ! Thanks for the same :)

      Swati A.

  4. i'd love to go to a real fashion show one day :) loving your blog.

    1. Hi Lexi ! Thanks ! And I would love to attend one in NYC actually :)

  5. I stumbled upon your blog through "mirror images" .... (interesting pictures with the shoes!)... then as i read thru it was awesome to know something about a different walk of life -- something about which I had no idea till now .....
    Great writing ! .. very spontaneous.